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For 50 years driven by a fascination for mechanics and a desire for continual, constant progress.


1959: The current president, Rino Montanari, founded the “Fratelli Montanari” machining company.


1967: The company transferred to the premises in Corte Tegge and, following transformation into the company “Meccanica Montanari”, in addition to producing accessories for power take-offs for agricultural machines, it also started to construct the first gear racks.


1982: The company evolved into the current company “GFM” and, confirming strategic choices, concentrated its production on the construction of gear racks.


From that time on, following a path of constant dedication and development, GFM has become one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of gear racks. For half a century, two words can be used to describe GFM: quality and technology. That’s because, right from the start, professionality, attention to detail and a craftsman-like dedication to the execution of products have always existed in perfect harmony with the technological evolutions.
The same is true today. While GFM is still driven by its passion for the precision working of a “craftsman”, it makes use nevertheless of the most advanced technology available for this sector.


GFM, under the guidance of its founder Rino Montanari and his three sons, constructs its own products in the 4,200 M2 premises in Corte Tegge, drawing on the experience and professionality of its 43 employees.


From the middle of the Eighties, GFM started to make itself known abroad. Today its products are exported to a number of countries in the European Union.

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