Supply of racks for hydraulic cranes

In order to ensure a perfect and safe rotation and movement system, the hydraulic cranes commonly use special racks, which allow the transmission of movement with great protection and precision.



Production and sale of racks for hydraulic cranes


G.F.M. Meccanica is based in Reggio Emilia, but it is also active in the areas of Bologna, Prato and Pesaro. Today is a leading group in the production and sale of high quality racks for hydraulic cranes, perfectly compliant with all current directives. The company staff, qualified and constantly up to date, is always available to assist clients, ensuring a complete and customised service, for small, medium and large series, as well as individual pieces.



Cutting-edge and compliant rack models

The racks for hydraulic cranes are built into the engine blocks for the rotation system: the Emilian company offers the latest models, specifically designed to ensure rapid yet absolutely safe movement, in line with the current directives.



Racks with spur gear teeth or helical gear teeth


We offer:


• Racks with spur gear teeth

Racks with helical gear teeth


depending on your needs and the type of hydraulic cranes to operate: contact us for more information.


Contact the company to request an onsite visit or personalised consultation. Timely client assistance by our team will ensure the best possible intervention, perfect for optimising resources.

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