Production of racks and gears
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Gears and racks are a fundamental part of many motors and other types of high speed movement and translation transmission systems. For this reason, it is extremely important that the products meet the highest safety and quality standards, with nothing left to chance.


All types of gears

G.F.M. Meccanica has always placed particular attention on the production of all types of gears, often with the collaboration of carefully selected, well-established and specialised external companies, in order to guarantee a unique level of excellence to its clients.


Production of gears upon client’s design


Thanks to its long experience and fruitful cooperation with external companies, the company based in Reggio Emilia also produces gears according to the clients’ specifications, for individual pieces and small, medium and large series. All gears and racks are produced with extreme efficiency, including:


• Heat treatments

• Profile grinding


in order to ensure the highest performance and best optimisation of investments.


Personalised gears


Thanks to internal machines and CNC work centres, the production of gears can be completely personalised and customised. Following a private consultation with the client, our technicians will assess the type of intervention that best satisfies the client’s requirements, for an ad hoc service.

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