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The key product of GFM today is, without doubt, the gear rack. GFM is able to construct any type of  gear rack from module 0.5 to module 40, with both straight and helical toothing, and in lengths up to 6 metres.

Continual investments made over the years in technology and research have permitted GFM to produce high-quality gear racks, complete with heat treatments and profile rectification. The flexibility of the production environment, and use of avant-garde technology, allow production of both single pieces and high volume series.


All machinings, from cutting through to rectification, are carried out within GFM which means that  production times and methods can be subjected to precise and constant quality controls.
Exclusively for heat treatments, GFM makes use of partnerships with specialised companies able to certify the work they carry out.


To provide customers with a service that is continually improving, and to achieve delivery times that are always faster to meet market demands, in 2007 GFM installed an automatic plant for storing raw materials and finished products, which has a maximum capacity of 750 tonnes.


All materials used for production are certified and of prime quality:


- Carbon steels (C40-C45)
- Heat treated or cementation alloy steels
- Aluminium, bronze and brass alloys
- Stainless steel
- Plastic materials (Ertalon, Nylon etc)


Product quality - from the start the primary goal of GFM - is carefully monitored by qualified personnel right from the initial machining phases. The finished product is then subjected to checks in the Testing Division where, amongst other avant-garde instrumentation, a 3-D machine is available to control the profile of the rack and its pitch. On request, a certificate can be issued stating the dimensions, materials used and heat treatments carried out.

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